The ultimate reference to Catholic prayers for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

The Prayer app features over 2,000 Catholic Prayers in English, Latin, Italian, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese through an easy-to-use, immediate user interface.

Browse and search a huge database of prayers, save your favorites for quick access or share a prayer with your friends!

Available on the iPhone App Store

prayers on iPhone and iPad

Keep handy all of the Common Prayers listed in the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and many more in English, Latin, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Pray the right prayer in the Catholic tradition — in every situation you face, just one tap away… Praise, worship, intercession, protection, liberation.

Over 1,000 positive reviews can’t be wrong!

"Best prayer book in the app store"
This prayer book has the most prayers of any I have found in the app store, with prayers for any occasion. Any time I am in need of a prayer that is a specialized prayer I can open this app and find a multitude of applicable prayers to begin praying for strength, support and just to bring myself closer to God when I need it. [...] This app is more than worth the minimal cost to purchase it and I recommend it to every Christian out there.

"Truely a GOD send"
Worth every penny and then some. [...] When I'm with family who speak Spanish I can change the language and still pray along.

"Wonderful, best App ever!"
A collection of prayers for every imaginable situation, some of them are quite rare. It is a real joy to be able to hike with such a fine prayerbook and I didn't have to pay a fortune for it!

New in this release! Search, Favorites, Share via eMail and Facebook, even more prayers… and full iPad support!

  • USA and UK English, Latin, Italian, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish localization;
  • All 24 Official Common Prayers as listed in the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (including the Angelus, the Regina Caeli and the Memorare);
  • Holy Rosary Mysteries with scriptures for meditation, Litanies, Chaplets, Blessings and Novenas;
  • Pray mode with numbering for Rosary-based prayers (Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy);
  • Daily Prayers, Prayers to Saints and Angels (Saint Joseph and Saint Michael the Archangel);
  • Search, Favorites and Share prayers via eMail or Facebook.

Interface Highlights

  • Immediate, beautiful interface that follows Apple’s guidelines;
  • Super-high readability thanks to font size option;
  • Perfect in low-light environments with white text on black background color scheme option;
  • Portrait and Landscape use, just rotate your device to get a wider readable area;
  • Switch language on-the-fly to see the current prayer in any of the available languages;
prayers on iPhone and iPad